Our Story

Give Prevention a Chance!


As they cede the battle of internet security to the attackers, the companies that you do business with and the companies you work for retreated from prevention to detection.

Convinced that prevention is both possible and more effective to protect you, our co-founders took university proven research and invented an easy to use security alternative for you.


The time is now:

Foolproof security tools have been around for decades.  However, putting those tools to work in an easy-to-use, practical setting has proved difficult to overcome.  With recent advances in technologies, these tools can be crafted to work for you to protect your valuable data from criminals and hackers.


Criminal and hacking technology is changing faster than organizations are.


Recognizing the immense profit afforded criminals and hackers in stealing your valuable information, we acknowledge the battle to keep your valuable information save from prying hands is an iteration not a fixed answer. 

So we have prepared a roadmap of iterative solutions


screenshot 1


Present solution:

realfactor.io offers one touch access to security without the vulnerabilities embedded in security schemes currently available.


Future security solutions:

Two prototype projects are underway in the lab.  Release dates are tentatively set for some time in mid-2017.

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